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Mommy and Me. Photography by @ (Piper Mackay). This mother had lost all her cubs but one and she was going to great lengths to protect her last cub. This shot captures the beauty of a mother protecting her young.

Last-Of-His-Kind Tortoise Dies At 100

Three cheetah cubs, born in November 2004, lean against their mother during a preview showing at the National Zoo in February 2005 in Washington D.C. Today there are just 12,400 cheetahs remaining in the wild, with the biggest population, totaling 2,500 living in Namibia.

Random Acts staffer Shahr brought a donation of food to the Animal Ark in Reno, NV. Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary that houses injured, abandoned and otherwise non-releasable wildlife - mostly predatory animals and birds such as wolves, bears, cheetahs, mountain lions, owls, etc. Watch these adorable bear cubs being cute <3 They are just a few of the Ark’s inhabitants <3 dream is to work as a National Geographic photographer so I can capture truly amazing things I love like this......- Leisha