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Government:This is a photo of Pranab Mukherjee the President of India. President Mukherjee was born on November 11,1935. Mr. Mukherjee is the thirteenth president of India and has been in office since July 2012. The president of India is elected by the electoral college. A president's term in India lasts five years.

Economics: This is Indian Rupee. Rupee is the currency of India. They're five coins and seven banknotes. 1 Rupee is equal to 0.016 cents in United States money. Bhutan and Nepal also use Rupee.

Education: This is a picture of the State Government. The State and Union Government control the education systems in India. The education systems are central, state and local. Schools in India are either public or private.

Economics: This is a girl making something that can be used for clothing that can be sold. Textile, Retail, Tourism and Mining are the leading money makers in the economic world in India. India mostly exports items to the United States. Also, it exports $309,100,000,000 in items a year.

Religion: This is the symbol for Hinduism. Hinduism is the most popular religion in India. They're are seven religions total in India. India is the birthplace of four major religions.

Language: This a picture of the written language in India. They're several languages spoken in India. The most popular language is Indo-Aryan. Although that's the most popular, the official language of India is Standard Hindi.

Transportation: This is a picture of a family of four riding a motorcycle. There aren't many motorcycle riders in India. 10% of households in India actually own a motorcycle. Transportation is a major part of India's economy.

There are over 193 million children in India and about 8.1 million children are not in schools. Less then half of the kids ages from 6-14 go to school. 53% of girls who are 5-9 years old are illiterate.

Government: This is a photo of Hamid Ansari. Hamid Ansari was born on April 1 1937 and is currently the Vice President for Pranab Mukherjee. He is the only person in India to get elected to two consecutive terms for Vice President.

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