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Government:This is a photo of Pranab Mukherjee the President of India. President Mukherjee was born on November 11,1935. Mr. Mukherjee is the thirteenth president of India and has been in office since July 2012. The president of India is elected by the electoral college. A president's term in India lasts five years.

8/15: Day India was partitioned into India and Pakistan, | Most Interesting About India & History

The Dravidian Race Left, head of a Black Man from Mohenjo-daro; right, Panya woman in South India. The Dravidian race consists predominantly of south Indians. They are characterized by their dark complexion, large foreheads and dark hair and eyes. According to experts, this race arrived in India around 3000 B C. Dravidians are believed to be of African origin. Similarities between their complexion, forehead structure and bone structure support this claim.