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stingray - Imgur

To the Lesson!: Saltwater vs. Freshwater Experiment

Aquatic Ecosystems- This is a great cartoon on remembering the difference between salt and freshwater ecosystems.

from National Geographic

Giant Stingrays, Giant Stingray Pictures, Giant Stingray Facts

Giant FRESH-WATER Stingray! The giant stingray is one of the world's largest freshwater fish, but it's also cloaked in mystery. No one is sure how many giant stingrays are left, which habitats they prefer, or even if they ever venture into the ocean, where their more commonly known relatives dwell. These ancient fish, little changed over many millions of years, can reach 16.5 feet (5 meters) long and weigh up to 1,320 pounds (600 kilograms).

from All That Is Interesting

The World’s 7 Ugliest Animals

Giant water beetle male, bearing eggs laid by its mate.

from Inspirationde

fishing by sandara on

There's something fishy down there... Go here for the rest of her gallery:

PRINTS-OPEN EDITION - Mermaids - Amy Brown Fairy Art - The Official Gallery

Hinqumemen (Native American) - Enormous water elementals that appears to be a small lake devoid of life. If you drink water from this lake, the creature will create random water creatures from itself to drown the interlopers. These creatures can lay dormant for centuries until creatures drink from them. Their lake-bodies are covered with bones of previous victims, some of them have killed so many creatures that they turned into red blood-lakes.

from eBaum's World

Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures

Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures - Gallery