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Personal trainer? In-home fitness program? Gym? The truth is there is no ONE way to getting healthy and fit. And there's one aspect to it most people overlook: joy. Because seriously if you don't enjoy the process you're not going to stick with it. So if one mode of exercise hasn't worked for you don't give up... try something else. Me? I hate running. I mean I seriously LOATHE it. And I spent like months forcing myself to do it because I thought I was supposed to. But when I was honest…

Here is a clean eating meal plan, based on the Hammer & Chisel nutrition program, for the week of December 7, 2015. Also posted my workout schedule, goals for the upcoming week, and lessons learned from last week. See the complete meal plan at

Had a nice quiet day. Got a couple of projects done. Working on a few more. It was a good start to a busy week. Gratitude: listening to Chaz tell stories. Goal: stretch. #2015GratitudesAndGoals

5 Things to Always Bring to Interviews

5 Things to Always Bring to Interviews -

.Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.