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The “Able” test of Operation Crossroads, the first atomic bomb dropped on the Bikini lagoon, on July 1, 1946. It was detonated at a height of 520 feet above the ground. Credit: Government photo in the public domain.

Black and White smoke vintage retro WWII soldier explosion war bomb plane bombing Germany flight Nazi fighter

Trilobites - In a period of over 300 million years, there existed some 15,000 species. They ranged in size from less than half an inch (few millimeters) to 23 in (58 cm). They had long antennae and flattened tri-sectioned bodies - head, middle and tail -

Embarrassment 2014/10/3

The famous image of the second Operation Crossroads bomb, the “Baker” explosion, conducted ninety feet underwater, on July 25, 1946. The radioactive fallout was so much more concentrated after this second test, that a third “Charlie” test, scheduled for 1947, was cancelled. Credit: Government photo in the public domain.