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Flower Hair Comb for Bride, Bridal Comb, Custom Wedding Hair Accessories Hair Comb, Autumn Mustard Yellow Teal Cream Floral Hair Slide

Peach Hair Comb Blue Floral Comb White Ivory Flower by Jewelsalem, Your colors!

Ivory Wedding Bridal Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Comb Cream Flower Hair Pin Neutral Rustic Wedding Hair Slide for Bride Bridesmaid Gift

White Hair Comb Ivory Wedding Bridesmaid Hair by Jewelsalem, I just like the bird. ;)

Peach Rose Comb Floral Collage Hair Accessories Shabby Chic Wedding Bridal Pale Peach Rose White Rose Gold Leaf Leaves Winter Holidays

Romantic Floral Bridal Hair Comb Ivory Cream Rose Gold Wedding Hair Piece Flower Collage Pearl Comb Branch Leaves Womens gift Vintage Style

Turquoise Rose Headband Lace Floral Garland Hairband Lana Del Rey Style Flower Crown Woodland Wedding Bridesmaids Gift Shabby Chic Bohemian

The Great Gatsby Hair Comb Wedding Bridal Black by Jewelsalem, like this as well!

Pearl bridal comb Headpiece Rhinestone comb by NaugiTiaras, I like this one even better for me!

Winter Queen Crown - Mini Silver Hair Comb

Pink Rose Comb Flower Hair Comb Bridal Shabby Wedding Accessories Shabby Country Pink Rose Patina Antique Brass Filigree Metal Hair Combs