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3 January - Aeroflot Flight 1008, an Airbus A321-211 (VP-BES) overuns the runway & nose gear collapses after landing at Kaliningrad-Khrabrova Airport, Russia.

211:"Russian Mosquito Fest grants most delicious girl award" Very weirdly, as most of us humans are coming up with ways to get away from mosquitos this summer, they just held a Mosquito Festival in Russia. During the festival, a 9 year old girl walked through the woods and came out with 43 bites... Which made her the tastiest girl at the fest 😂. In 2013, the winner collected more than a hundred bites. Other traditions include collecting the most insects in a jar, mosquito costume contest…


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One of the tallest lighthouses in the world. Adziogol by Vladimir Shukhov Hyperboloid Lighthouse 1911. Steel. 64m. Kherson. Ukraine. Tallest in Ukraine.

The statue of Catherine the Great was presented in 1873. Her statue is surrounded by figures of politicians, poets, military men, and courtiers. "The monument is located in the middle of a small, grass-covered square, just off Nevsky Prospekt, which is lined by the Anichkov Palace, the Alexandrinsky Drama Theater and the Russian National Library."(SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM)

Thursday, July 14, 2016 The Nazi Antarctic Fortress: Base 211 and Operation Highjump Source - Ancient Code by Ivan During the Second World War, the Nazi’s carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world. They searched the planet for mythical artifacts and otherworldly technology hoping to come across a supreme power that would allow them to conquer the unconquerable. Numerous ‘alleged’ covert…