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"Simplicity is complexity resolved." ( Constantin Brancusi ) All I need is a simple life:)

Sometimes I think that in our desire to organize every detail of our lives, we…

The minimalist mantra: fall in love with less. Not sure I could be a minimalist.but I could at least give it a try. see if I like it!

Sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love - watch Adam Baker's inspiring TEDx talk on living minimally and debt free.

Sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love - attempting to do this right now to experience more of the world i would love nothing more than to go backpacking

When you declutter - it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family. Peter Walsh | Decluttering quote

nice Spring Quotes - Peter Walsh Declutter "What I know for sure is that when you declutter—whether it's in your home, your head, or your heart—it is astounding what will flow into that s.

What does being a practicing minimalist mean? For me, it means choosing a journey to find personal freedom and happiness, not defined by material possessions, but by the rich life experiences found in nature, oneself, and people we love. What's your definition and guidelines. Please share ♥️ Join our community and get daily tips and support in your minimalism journey. Get your free intro Ebooklets to start http://eepurl.com/clK9nj

Being a minimalist means enjoy the simple things in life whether it's nature, the people you love or good health. Let's not be defined by material possessions but who we truely are💕

Let go of that thing that hurt you no matter how deeply it cuts, no matter how painful it is to let go. in some way we feel that our resentment is punishing them for the wrong they did, in truth it the rope that binds us, not them, to pain of the past.

Letting go so I can be free--holding onto toxic friendships is like holding this balloon--the only way to be free of it is to just let it go.