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5 Ways to Enhance Your Breast Naturally Without Surgery

If you desire to have true freedom you must begin by opting out of the systems that work against you. Stop voting because the governments only fear is that one day you will realize you do not need them. Realize all governments are your captors, you are not free, but opting out of everything that has to do with them will make their corruption come to a halt. Protesting in the streets has never worked, the only thing that comes from that is more of your freedoms taken away. Opt out!

Truthbomb: Focus creates expansion.

Painting is a focusing exercise...excited to paint my way through Danielle Laporte's Desire Map!

Things to do today

Pretty much describes my day today, although #2 was touch and go for awhile there.

love her - see? - classy women are aware of what is realistic and don't look at happy people and take from them. It just doesn't work . . .