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How do you buy parts if you don't speak the local language? Take what you want with you and you'll get the right thing. Don't assume you'll be able to pick out the right parts by sight!

from The Boat Galley

Boat Shopping

Where do you even start when thinking about buying a boat? What's the process? And did it really take us just 22 days from "Honey, let's buy a boat!" to "She's ours!"?

Have a food allergy and thinking of cruising outside your home country? Wondering how you'll figure out labels in a foreign language? Labeling laws in most countries make it a little easier.

from The Boat Galley

Stocking Spare Parts

Building up a stock of spare parts and boat bits takes a lot of thought and probably costs more than you expect. But being prepared to fix things: priceless! Our tips for deciding what you really need to have and what you don't.

from The Boat Galley

The Q Flag

What's the first thing you do when you arrive in a new country? Put up the Q flag! Even seasoned cruisers find it a thrill to fly it -- it's the sign of new adventures. Tips for how and when to fly the Q and where to buy it.

Instead of looking for better ways of getting parts un-frozen, why not just avoid the problem in the first place!

from The Boat Galley

Checking Your Instruments

Don’t assume your instruments — particularly the depth sounder — are set up correctly. Ours weren’t and it took us a while to realize it.