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Matthew Terry dancing on the Ellen Degeneres Show animation

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Stephen James for Asos (LMM - Loving Male Models)

Stephen James for Asos

MALE BEAUTY: a selection of world’s most beautiful male models ‹ 5election - The International Coolhunting Magazine

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Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with freckles (21 photos)

The name's Dwayne Palmer. I've been fighting this apocalypse for what seems like forever, and damn, it doesn't look like it's been getting much better. I have plenty of skills, but no allies. But, if I am in search of an ally, my standards are quite high. Before this apocalypse, you'd have never thought that I was a well-off scholar. {Traits: Male, 20, single, straight [Positives: Motivated, determined, skillful in a large range of survival tactics] [Negatives: Has developed a cold, hard…

Blade spins around and studies me. I look at the ground, avoiding his gaze. I saw that his lip was bleeding though. This is the second time he's protected me from a street fight, although he's never talked to me. He's a soccer player at my high school, but I'm a nobody. "You're a target. You need to be more careful, You won't always have a boy around for protection. Just because your brother's in the other gang..." He licks his lips, then lowers his voice. "You need to learn to fight."

I just don't think you should lick the shower door. I just don't think it's a good idea.

If only... : ( Almost Perfect by MJ Wood More

Matt wearing earbuds and being a cutie pie