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Richard Rankin plays adult Roger MacKenzie Wakefield

Johnny Carson (1925–2005) Huge fan of Johnny and the Tonight Show. There will never ever be a host like Johnny!

Jack Lemmon. Every single film that Jack Lemmon is in is one worth watching. Incredible talent who flagged great films. One of the Greats.

Michael Jackson - from child to adult hood he revolutionized music entertainment and became an international star. Though his work is of legend, it was Thriller that made me a fan sharing a love for horror and his music during my childhood.

Elvis Presley 1968 | "In both sit-down shows, Presley sits between two of the women sat at the edge of the stage to sing the final song, "Memories". Although this move was Binders idea, Colonel Parker had originally been concerned that the audiences would contain older, more reserved adults and that this might give the impression that Presley had lost some of his appeal,"

NCIS - Season 3 Episode 5 - "Switch". Gibbs and Siva, great tv, show, serie, photo

Although Holden condemns his family (especially his father) for leading a phony life, Charlie believes his family to be exceptional. A particular instance where he felt relatively close to his father is during the series finale of M*A*S*H. That small flashback reminds readers that Charlie is indubitably loved deeply by the people surrounding him.