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BRAZIL There are no foreign lands. Only the traveler is foreign.

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Navigating the Labyrinth Green River, Utah

Green River, Utah Navigating the Labyrinth "Do you think there's water?" "Hard to say...I don't think anyone has been out there in a while..." Our mission was to explore Utah's desert canyons, packraft a lazy section of the Green

Tent Rock New Mexico

Tent Rock - Tricia Byrnes's Story on STELLER #steller


FALLS CREEK FALLS Washington In the mountains of south central Washington State is Falls Creek Falls. Despite its unimaginative name, it's absolutely breathtaking and one of the prettiest waterfalls in a region full of great ones. Enjoy some film, DSLR, and

The GRIMMING The highest, free standing mountain of the Austrian Alps and whole Europe.

The highest, free standing mountain of the Austrian Alps and whole Europe. The GRIMMING Life is all about new experiences, whether you like them or not, they’re essential. The experience told here was nothing short of incredible... Two summits in two days – always

Mono Lake Exploring

Exploring Mono Lake - Tricia Byrnes's Story on STELLER #steller

SAUK MOUNTAIN Whacky Weather

Whacky Weather SAUK MOUNTAIN Spring weather can be hit or miss. Don't give up hope if conditions are unfavorable. Patience pays off because you never know what might happen. Sometimes the best moments come when we least expect them..... Let the adventure

DIABLO Valentine's Day Picnic

Valentine's Day Picnic D I A B L O For this year's Valentine's Day, I decided to take Emily on a little picnic. It's about 2.5 hours Northeast from the city of Seattle. So worth the drive. Definitely one of my favorite spots in the Pacific

Finding Winter Roan Mountain

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AKASHA Mountain Retreat Part I: Nature Heidelberg, South Africa

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