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‪What Inaccuracies in the #Kenyan Mall Attack Coverage Say About #News Media‬ | By: Lauren Saccone

from Engadget

US officials say monkey selfies can't be copyrighted (because it had to be said)

Here's a friendly tip for all wildlife photographers out there: don't let mischievous monkeys (and other jungle animals) push the shutter button in your stead...

Mark Levin: "If Zimmerman Is Harmed, I Blame The President Of The United States" Levin: While Obama, Holder, And Sharpton "May Say 'We Don't Support Violence' And So Forth, They Have A Funny Way Of Showing It"

from TPM

New GOP Congress Fires Shot At Social Security On Day One

New GOP Congress Fires Shot At Social Security On Day One | TPM | With a little-noticed proposal, Teanuts took aim at Social Security on the very first day of the 114th Congress. The incoming GOP majority approved a new rule that experts say could provoke an unprecedented crisis that conservatives could use as leverage in upcoming debates over entitlement reform. Click for details & please SIGN & share petition. Thanks. 1/8

"You are my favorite Irish boy. ;) I just adore you inside and out. You deserve to be in One Direction no matter what anybody says. Stay strong and be yourself. I love you cutie pie :) xx"