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Lol!!!!! Couldnt help myself, as I poured a glass of Jack 'n Jack.

Not to get technical but according to chemistry-alcohol is, in fact, a solution.


12 Quotes to Live by From Nina Dobrev

It's really more than just timing... although timing is a bitch sometimes...

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Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

I’m Not UnsociableI just think that getting fit is better than getting drunk.

SO TRUE JUST SMILE RIGHT NOW. Keep smiling...keep going give a big grin hold it for one minute.... You will be smiling for joy in just one minute just from faking a smile :) It's all psychological

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Alcohol Is A Solution - Funny | V-Neck

Alcohol Is A Solution #statementswithwhichiagree

true and pecuilar, we control so much in our lives by our decisions, but…

Lol!!!!! Couldn't help chemistry background collided with my sarcastic sense of humor ....

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Imagine these people in bones! Booth would show them a file and say"It looks like you've got quite an arrest record. First, you started wide spread panic by telling everyone there were (insert names) in their water--" and bones just starts laughing"That is very funny."