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"Letting "IT" Gooooo" Letting go of our emotional weights Is one of the toughest challenges in life. We fight to hold on to the past which WE haunt..[..] ~I WokeUp~Empowered© Artist: Nigel Morgan

Beauty of Any Dream Is in Never Letting It Go Fridge Magnet Mary Engelbreit Art

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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. Can it change your life?

The world has gone nuts over the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese tidier Marie Kondo. Today I ordered it. Will it spark joy?

LOVE! Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson Have the students write about their year. What did they think __grade was going to be like, what was it really like? How have they grown? What new things about themselves did they learn? Fill the hands with patterns and the background with their writing.

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Cursive Calaveras

My third graders are learning to write cursive and I thought this project would be absolutely perfect to go along with their new writing skills. This is my example, step by step and I'll be sharing...

Sword Art Online oh my god where is this i need to go there O_O

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Inspiring Teen Continues to Pursue Her Love of Dance After Leg Amputation

15-year-old Gabi Shull had cancer. She had the opportunity to receive a revolutionary form of surgery called rotationplasty. In a Youtube video, Shull explains that after the affected knee was removed, “they took my lower leg and foot, twisted it 180 degrees backwards, and attached it to my thigh.” That's right when not in the prosthesis, her foot is actually pointing backwards. This is necessary so she can still use the nerves and muscles in her foot to point.


A Tour of Austin Street Art

One of the things that my hometown of Philadelphia takes great pride in is the thriving mural arts program (see this awesome post that Jana did last month). When I moved to Austin I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has quite a vibrant mural arts scene of its own. The street art here is definitely representative

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Free Bible Art Journaling Printables and Tutorials - The Ultimate List! (Pink Paper Peppermints Sweet ♥ Crafty ♥ Goodness)

Free Bible Art Journaling Printables and Tutorials - The Ultimate List!