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Michigan Radio, I have been saying this for a long time

Michigan Radio, I have been saying this for a long time

Tuesday Q & A: Palliative care focuses on providing relief from symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness

Mayo Clinic Study Reverses Current Thought on Treatment of CirrhosisMetformin should be taken by cirrhotic patients with type 2 diabetes, implicating major changes in current clinical practice. Read more on the Mayo Clinic News Network.

The most important of questions // yeah no. They just do surrealist horror ads. They aren't getting paid for it. It's why they rely on donations.

im pretty sure its just a weird surrealist horror ad, and most of them are real products, and the rest are night vale businesses or they dont say who the sponsor was

Kids in Baltimore, MD use "yo" as a gender-neutral pronoun. Click through to read the NPR article.  Their intention does not seem to be to correct sexist language, but that is the end result nonetheless.

'Yo' Said What?

Employers Forced To Judge Job Candidates' Career Trajectory

THINGS THAT YOU'RE LIABLE TO READ IN THE CONselfSERVATIVE bible,THEY AIN'T NECESSARY SO! O:-) :-* :-$  A minority of American voters believe the polls will be accurately tallied in the 2016 election. But fraud or tampering with the voting process — even via hacking — is highly unusual and unlikely.

'Rigged' Election Myths Contradict Voter Fraud's Low Threat To Sway Outcome

An Associated Press investigation reports that a vast array of pharmaceuticals show up in the water of 41 million Americans. The drugs are concentrated in the water in tiny quantities, but some scientists worry that there could still be harmful effects for humans.

Study Finds Drugs Seeping Into Drinking Water

NPR coverage of Anthony Marra: News, author interviews, critics' picks and more.

25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects

25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects

Want to store your food storage in Mylar bags? Here are 8 tips for using Mylar bags for food storage you’ll want to know. Mylar bags are not rodent proof. Plan accordingly.

charming 40s music

Top 10 Classic Good Guys Who Played Bad Guys

Frank Sinatra is my favorite celebrity crush of all time and he is actually my first. I saw him in ‘On The Town’ and loved his charisma and blue eyes. He is still my favorite actor and singer and I really wish I could’ve met him.