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Elfen Lied Box 02 by Lynn Okamoto

Elfen Lied Box 01 by Lynn Okamoto

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It’s the Arts


Super cool crossover!!~Lynn.

Dark and awesome... ~Lynn.

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Bound By Blood: Elfen Lied by Lynn Okamoto

Nana Anime | Bound By Blood: Elfen Lied by Lynn Okamoto | Mr. Rhapsodist

Elfen Lied - Lynn Okamoto - Off the coast of Kamakura, Japan, in a secret facility, there is a new strain of the human race, the Diclonius, very similar to human beings yet differing at the genectic level and displaying notable physical abnormalities. One of these mutants escapes, brutally and indishtingushinly slaughtering anyone that gets in her way. However, a glancing head shot from an anti-tank rifle leaves her injured, and she falls into the ocean, unconsious. Later, a university…

Axel/Lea is one of the deepest, most sensitive characters in the KH series and I love this guy for that reason

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