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31 Jokes Only "Stranger Things" Fans Will Find Funny


Teenager Posts Tumblr: 15 Hilarious Insights Into High School Life

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Teenager Posts Of The Week

I've been packing all day long, I have to be in Syracuse by 1:00 tomorrow, and I'm still not done yet. Last week, I waited until 8:00 in the morning to pack for Sandusky, and I had to pick my friend up at 9:30. XD Procrastination at its finest.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Yeh it's like no I went to the ER 10 times,got mugged,Ran into the most dangerous street gang of all time, andand got my head chopped off.

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Teenager Posts

I hate this..and even more embarrassing if it is a strict teacher

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Do These Posts Describe Your Life?

lol. I do that with my family ALL the time. I'll just be like, "okay, never mind. I guess it wasn't important." Normally my mom notices and says, "I'll listen to you!" She's so great!

This is me all the time!! Attention makes me smile, so I always one takes me seriously

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22 Funny Animal Pics for Your Friday

LOL ⇨ Follow City Girl at link for great pins and recipes! ☕

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Community Post: 30 Funny Graphs

yup. well, that's still me to this day but fortunately i don't have stairs in my home. just a hallway ... LOL.