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odd eyes, but not so odd for white turkish angora cats... This looks just like my cat; Richard Parker #thelifeofpi<3

בעולם החי מגוון גדול של סוגי העינים אך הוא מבוסס על מאפיינים גנטים ואנטומים משותפים.

Every single time i saw this, i was thinking that jungkook love his hyungs so much. he might looks like evil maknae or maknae on top, but actually his not like that, he just having fun with his hyungs.

from BarkPost

19 Of The Fluffiest Husky GIFS On The Internet

This is a husky. Some dogs-mostly huskys breeds- have different eye color. It's normal for those dogs but sometimes dogs have different eye color because they got hurt in their eye in the past time

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20 Ingenious Makeup Art Designs

Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg takes our traditional eye-makeup to a new heights by turning it into an amazing miniature art form. With her creative artistic approach to eye makeup she turns eyelids into her […]