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Friends No matter how many times you've seen any episode, they never get old!

My band is Hell's Warriors. Fortunately, I already know how to shred righteous drums so hard it will eff your shit up.

The atonement: Learning from Mistakes Bruce C. Hafen: “A young piano student once became very discouraged by her mistakes. Each time she learned a piece, her teacher assigned a new and more difficult piece, and the student would begin playing wrong notes all over again. She concluded that she wasn’t learning anything, because she would always make mistakes in her new pieces. Then her teacher explained that nobody ever learned to play the piano without making many, many mistakes.

You GOTTA listen to this. I was taken aback when it came on my pandora station (Eric Hutchinson) Oh, who's that I like it. Maroon 5's version of ~The way you look tonight~