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Explore Carnelian Tumble, Rough Carnelian and more!

Rough Carnelian in various sizes, some pieces are suitable for cutting and will provide a few cabochons, others are a bit on the small size ...

Smaller size chunks of rough Fancy Jasper, could be good for rock tumbling or anything else where you need small rocks

Snake Jasper rough, ready for rock tumbling as it’s available in smaller size pieces, in stock in the UK.

Red #Jasper rough, a real favourite with rock tumbling enthusiasts, available in smaller sized pieces, in stock in the UK now.

Smaller sized pieces of White Agate which are just right for your rock tumbler barrel, in stock in the UK.

Rough Grey Botswana Agate which is a perfect size to go into your rock tumbler, in stock in the UK now.

Rough Snakeskin Agate, offered here in small pieces in 100 gram bags, ideal for rock tumbling and polishing

Rough Grey Agate, smaller size chunks which would be just right for your rock tumbler, offered in 100 gram packs