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Se parece a la mirada de Nala en "El Rey León"

...and the lion shall lie down with the lamb...maybe even the cat with the dog

Maine Coon.....CAT! Feet are large but not a total weird number of toes. Louise, wherefore art thou, Louise.

* * " Me came into some goods cash recently. Don'ts be surprised whens yoo find nekkid photos of yerself allz over de Internet."

One day Kiki's human momma and human sister went to Gigi's house to visit with special friends. Gigi climbed into Kiki's momma's lap and began to purr ad purr. When it was time for Momma to go home Gigi didn't want to let go. Kiki's momma knew there was only one thing to do.

El primer ancestro del gato moderno vivió hace unos 30 millones de años. Los científicos lo llamaron Proailurus, que significa “primer gato” en griego.