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Military and Aviation - Me262 might have altered the outcome of the war if it had seen action sooner. Thankfully it didn't.

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20 Breathtaking Pictures From The US Air Force

The military is betting on the 5th-generation fighter programs, like the F-22 Raptors (shown here) and the F-35.

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Authentic Soviet Army Protective glasses, Goggles

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from - Nazi Secret Weapons, Fritz X - Nazi Secret Weapons, Fritz X - In "Nazi Secret Weapons," a team of military historians and aviation experts use unearthed blueprints and reconstructed Third Reich technology to determine whether some of Hitler's top-secret armaments might have changed the course of war...

For more information and questions. Customer care. US Navy Aviation Ordnancemen IYAOYAS Military Patch Military Product Description This Navy Aviation Ordnancemen IYAOYAS Military Patch is 5 inches in size. It represents the load bearing might of the Navy AO. IYAOYAS mean a lot and for those in the ranks it means even more. This embroidered patch is approximately 4" in diameter. We recommend that the patch is sewn on. It is a great collectible or gift…

The crew of a British Army Apache helicopter of 663 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps taxi into their slot on the helicopter operating area at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province Afghanistan.

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The CIA Built a Special Helicopter to Sneak Into North Vietnam

The CIA Built a Special Helicopter to Sneak Into North Vietnam — War Is Boring — ARPA chose the Army to oversee the work on what became the Quiet Helicopter Program. The Army hired Bell Helicopter to draw up plans for a modified variant of their OH-58A helicopter. The ground combat branch understood that helicopters rarely had the element of surprise. This fact severely limited their usefulness in combat, according to one Army report from the project. The resulting Bell aircraft had wider…