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I don't actually want to be left alone. I want you to comfort me and ask me what you can do. I want to be coddled. I want my tears wiped from my face. I want a hug. I want to be told that it will all be okay tomorrow. I want to be told…


so guys whats your favorite songs off of four? i absolutely love stockholm syndrome.

One direction. One direction funnys. Liam payne. Niall horan.

He's not ugly! Ppl stop saying he's ugly and that u hate him. If u were a true a directioner than u wouldn't say that Niall is ugly!


Or just look them up. That's how it all started with me. I just wanted to know their names and now. haha (One Direction)

Now that you can't have me you suddenly want me!!

Ha me my gr 8 year hahaha we did a project on forien bands. I was crazed by and I looked at them and said no. I ended up doing the project alone and got an A for it


yas i love you grumpy cat. you're so protective of love u

Thought we were the only ones! 1DHQ. xx

So true<--- Story time. Me and my friend are directioners and we had a sleepover. While we were having breakfast and her dad came in and said one direction on the tv. We nearly killed our selves trying to get to the tv.


story of my life. i listen to music all night. wifi is never broken.

No, they're. NOT Don't you got it? They've made me smile when I feel like no one ( other than God) can. Made me feel like it ok that I'm me.. they're the best

They taught me one direction isn't just a band there everything.I love One Direction for the great role models that they are more than anything.