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Let's stop chain mail! I'm only pinning this to the board Hilarious so people will see it

Ken this ones for you. "I need to leave the house better get my chain mail.""Hey I'm going to a party! Don't forget the chain mail.""Someone tried to kill me good thing I was wearing this chain mail although it did nothing for me oh well I still look great!"

Because ignorance is bliss. But knowing your saving hundreds of lives a year by going vegan is an even more blissful and rewarding experience.

You got that right! But actually, who is into being controlled....... Who deserves to be controlled? NOBODY!

"We're two halves of a whole idiot." Ain't that the truth Fire Emblem: Awakening - Chrom, M!Robin


That’s the reason I’m single…

That's the reason I'm single...

TRUE and feel totally used in the end. But do it all over again tomorrow!