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Mother and child - Padaung tribe of Myanmar’s ethnic minori. The neck rings are a sign of prominence and beauty.

Beautiful photo of a young African boy with a lollipop. He has such striking big brown eyes.

This child has nothing, including not even enough food, but the child is offering a sucker to the camera person. This has got to be one of the most heart warming photos I've ever seen ♥ Photo by Emil Leonardi - Sierra Leone,

Hair Obsession-A Lengthy Journey: HAIR FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Kenyan Tribes

A girl from an aboriginal tribe in Eastern Province of Kenya wears a headgear made of shells on Dec. 42 aboriginal tribes in Kenya share the cultural diversity with their different kinds of headgears made of fur, feather and shells.

When will they listen???    ...........klassik................................

The face is the perfect canvas for the peace sign. A skull with a broken peace sign across it. Shattered by gun fire. Earlier have a mask with the complete peace sign and it's broken now.

Spend Happiness!

Are you already smiling? Without knowing it this happy little boy laughing is shining bliss, joy and happiness onto everyone looking at him.