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Fenn Enviro-Mental Our top 5 innovative green building materials Rewall: 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, made with no glues or chemicals, emit no VOCs and cost less than any traditional material with similar properties. ReWall! Made out of tetra pak and similar cartons

CO2 Emissions Could Become Green Building Materials - Australian researchers aim to capture CO2 emissions and create solid carbonate rock for a green building material. "The technology is proven in the lab and we now want to see if we can scale it to reduce the cost to be in line with a future carbon price. The major difference between this and geosequestration is that we are permanently transforming CO2, not just storing it underground"

Cross Laminated Timber is Ready for Prime Time

In July 2012, artist Kacey Wong put his ideas to the test with an exhibition in Fa Yuen Street entitled Hawkerama, a name coming from Hawker + Panorama. There were games, food, music, and fun events conceived by artists and designers set out amid the real hawker stalls. Viewers first had to purchase something from the market before enjoying the other creations as a way of promoting this side of street culture. #detourhk #detour2012 #aod #booth #design #designer #blackmarket #day #sunshine

Fenn Enviro-Mental Our top 5 green buildings made mostly out of recycled materials Hessnatur headquarters near Frankfurt. Made almost completely from recycled materials in line with Hessnatur’s uncompromising sustainability ethic, the building boasts a ton of day lighting, a bank of wooden-framed windows that doubles as a display case, and a solid earthen wall that regulates the building’s interior temperature

RAY-CORE SIPs Panels a Hit with "AARP Contruction" - Enjoy this slideshow - Jens and his buddy Kevin were so excited to work with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels they decided to make a slide show of their project. As novice builders with some "prior life" experience with framing, these Do-It-Yourselfer's found this an quick, easy solution for framing and super-insulating Jen's new energy-efficient home. You can see how much they enjoyed their experience.