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i love rain for many reasons. The air smells clean when it rains and actually allows you to notice the world thru smell. If you close your eyes you'd be amazed what your nose can see. And then rain can be a great excuse to stay in and read, light a fire or make love.

this is rain from spirit the movie. im pretty sure she was owned by a guy named little creek, at the end of the movie little creek sent rain and spirit free together

Im just so excited for rain, colourfull leaves, big sweaters and the fresh air. I love fall.

ﻻتتركني وترحل ..فالمطر يزيدني عذاب الى عذابي ......بقلمي هدهد


I’m a Pluviophile…

"Amante da chuva; alguém que encontra alegria e paz de espírito durante os dias chuvosos" Opposite of the following saying: "Y a deux types de météo. Le temps quand il pleut et le temps quand pleut le roi."

from POQUITO whimsy by Laura Salcido

Glitter Rainbow Pin

Art deco influenced cloud, rainbow, and rain design. - Size: 1" tall x 1mm thickness - Sanded hardened enamel poured into cast metal, smooth to the touch

from Etsy

Rain Princess — Palette Knife Woman Under Umbrella Wall Art Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov. Size: 24" X 24" Inches (60 cm x 60 cm)

Oil painting "Rain Princess" #art #afremov #painting