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Have you ever not known whether you’d like to have sex? Try this scenario on for size: You’re at a party. You’re sober enough to give consent. You’ve been talking to (and dancing with!) someone who you’re very attracted to. They turn to you and ask, very respectfully, “Want to go back to my place?” Or …

Beyond "Yes Means Yes:" Navigating Differences in Desire - Yaybody

"Happiness" can be a complicated subject. But this comic shows that that's OK.

This comic from The Oatmeal illustrates how we're missing the mark on happiness.

How to be perfectly unhappy - The Oatmeal. The thin line between depressed and normal.

Now going onto it’s 6th yr the Manifesto Festival has been providing an amazing platform to showcase the incredible talents of the city via the arts. Through music, film, poetry and more the urban expressive pulse of the city has been beating strong though the works of the Manifesto Organization.

After a summer of looking at the Euro based Hip Hop scene we swing back over to North American soil and visit the city of Toronto. Now going onto it’s yr the Manifesto Festival has been p…

LAYERS OF NEEDS by Sandra Milanovic → Limited edition (100pcs) →…

Layers Of Needs