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Nina Donis '12 I think the idea of corsets and restraints are quite interesting. Are the two inescapable when together?

This photo is a grear illustration of bondage because, as you can see, the string around the woman is fairly thin and could be easily broken, therefore, her bondage is an illusion. This concept is best illustrated in the novel when an illusionist "traps" her audience by seemingly making the exits disappear, causing a panic. However, in truth, the viewers were never truly trapped, thus making their bondage only as resticting as they allowed it to be.

blankforblack: “ Vera Biriukova | Photography - Virgin ”

Orthopedic practices to correct body deformities influenced the leather straps and buckles in this fashion collection

from the ULTRA

FASHION OBSESSION: Nika Danielska Design

Nika Danielska Design, Kate Strucka Photography

... His departure gave Catherine the 1st experimental conviction that A LOSS MAY BE SOMETIMES A GAIN. The happiness with which their time now passed, every employment voluntary, every laugh indulged, every meal a scene of ease and good humour, walking where they liked and when they liked, their hours, pleasures, and fatigues at their own command, made her thoroughly sensible of the restraint which the general's presence had imposed, and most thankfully feel.. Ch 28, Northanger Abbey…

***URGENT! 10/1/16 CHARI: We found Chari tethered in the backyard of an abandoned house. We must help Chari find her way into a loving home. A home that will value her and commit to her well being. Fulton County Animal Services Atlanta Ga.

Trump and Clinton faced off on Monday night at the first presidential debate. It was a hard fought battle, however, Trump clearly came out on top.showing great restraint and poise in the face of countless lies from Clinton, as well as extreme bias from Clinton fanboy Lester Holt, who interrupted Trump and grilled him on useless topics like “birtherism,” while never once asking Hillary about her emails, Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi, or her failing health. Donald Trump showed…

Cage Skirt under a short black dress - 3D fashion; sculptural silhouette; wearable art // Natasha Nugent