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Herbed Crock Pot Bread

This soft Crock Pot Bread Recipe is super easy to make and does not require any rising time. Perfect for toast, sandwiches, a side for dinner and more.

‘Unprecedented’: More than 100 million trees dead in California

Kinda ironic that a tv reality host can not accept reality. The climate is changing and as the temperatures continue to rise throughout the world the local weather becomes erratic. Sea levels rise causing damage all along the eastern seaboard. Yet it is the profit that Trump wants to protect, not our future.

AIR TEMPERATURE Students will be blown away by this simple demonstration! Begin by explaining that a hot-air balloon rises because the air inside the balloon is heated. Then have one child hold a small trash bag upside down while you blow warm air into the bag with a hair dryer for ten seconds. Turn the dryer off and instruct the student to let go of the bag. (It should rise.) To add a twist, repeat the activity using the cool setting on the dryer and have students compare the results.

Sea levels and air temperatures continue to rise according to studies, which is expected to lead to more floods and worse heat waves and ocean acidification. To help prevent this, the 19th UN Cllimate Conference takes place in Warsaw on 11-22 November to discuss how to curb carbon emissions after 2020.

The dive of the tiger: Big cat makes a splash in animal park waterfall

Tiger Dives From Waterfall - In the searing heat, this tiger was looking for a novel way to cool off as it endured the rising temperature.The graceful but deadly cat first surveys the drop below before using her huge paws to launched herself into the water.However, this is no tropical waterfall in the depths of the Indian jungle. Sayan is an endangered Amur Siberian Tiger and is a new arrival at Yorkshire Wildlife Park – and staff say she is proving to be quite the water baby in the heat.

Global Warming Effects Information, Global Warming Effects Facts, Climate Change Effects

Found on Pinterest search engine. Nigel Tyson, 2007, National Geographic. The pin is a quote supporting the existence of global warming and refutes the hoaxes that state global warming is made up. I plan on directly using this quote in my presentation because Nigel is a well known and well educated man and what he says supports my main points.