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#Meerabai was a princess Hindu mystical and a devotee of Lord #Krishna from Rajasthan. She was one of the most significant figures Sant of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 1,300 pads (poems) commonly known as bhajans (sacred songs) are attributed to her. These are popular throughout India and have been published in several translations worldwide. In the bhakti tradition, they are in passionate praise of Lord Krishna. In most of her poems she has described her unconditional love for her…

One traditional version says that Radha was an incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, because she did not wish to be separated from Vishnu as he took the avatar of Krishna. In any case, Radha's love for Krishna is actually a symbol of the constant interplay between the individual soul and the divine. This theme pervades all of the Bhakti movement and also the Sufi tradition

"Whatever work is done here in this life for the satisfaction of the mission of the Lord is called bhakti-yoga, or transcendental loving service to the Lord, and what is called knowledge becomes a concomitant factor." -- Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.35

Turn Back ? This infamy, O my Prince, is delicious! Some revile me, others applaud, I simply follow my incomprehensible road. A razor-thin path but you meet some good people, a terrible path but you hear a true word. Turn back? Because the wretched stare and see nothing? O Mira’s lord is noble and dark, and slanderers rake only themselves over the coals

Krishna दिल है कदम्ब डाली और मुरली बज रही है इसमें राधा सज रही है मन बन के राधा जीवन सफल हो काया सब मोह तज रही है ...