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Mahakala, protector of dharma (cosmic law and order) Mahākāla is a Sanskrit bahuvrihi of mahā (महत्; "great") and kāla (काल; "time/death"), which means Shiva is beyond the timeline ( past-bhoot kāla, present-vartmāna kāla and future- bhavishya kāla) or death. The literal Tibetan translation is "Nagpo Chenpo" (Tibetan: ནག་པོ་ཆེན་པོ།) though, when referring to this deity, Tibetans usually use the word "Goinbo" (མགོན་པོ།)—the translation of the Sanskrit word Nāth meaning "lord" or "protector".

Amazing Oriental Oil Paintings of Chinese Goddesses and Angels by Zeng Hao

'Green Tara' by Zeng Hao. (Dun Huang Art Studio). Not a "Hindu" Goddess but a Goddess of Tibetan Buddhism. She is a female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism and who also appears as a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. She is known as the "Mother of Liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. In Japan she is known as 'Tara Bosatsu', and is little-known as 'Duōluó Púsà' in Chinese Buddhism.