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I know very well that ice already pinned this, thank you very much little yellow bar

I know very well that ice already pinned this, thank you very much little yellow bar<<<o my gosh that bar is so annoying it tells me I've pinned almost everything I go to pin

Like ya think it's a fuckin' reason to start bringing other - entirely unrelated to the issues at hand - people into it. Is it a game to you? You forming your pathetic idea of an army? Fuck. You. Get a life  just move the hell on. You never even honestly owned your bullshit attitude  actions - much LESS offered up a sincere apology. You're a dirtbag  I honestly cannot believe it's taken me this long to realistically see how you've always put me down  talked down to me. Undoubtedly ABOUT me…

Tjose wjo dont know the value of loyalty never appreciate the cost of betrayal. Rid yourself of those people who are all for disloyalty save yourself from being betrayed

Musical Humor. Writing oboe music. There is so many rests!!! Why?!?!?? And somehow the instructor always knows just when too cut off to make me mad..... Yet he still does it

Funny pictures about Writing Music. Oh, and cool pics about Writing Music. Also, Writing Music photos.

Abandoned jail--can you hear the doors creaking or the inmates screaming?

Adam showed Charles he wasn't as perfect as Charles was. This also showed Cal that Adam wasn't as perfect as he seemed to both of them. Both Cal and Charles (who are alike) both had almost the same experience finding out about Adams imperfection.

This is probably my favorite speech of the whole series.  Greys Anatomy quote  you don't get to call me a whore.. AMEN!! You can never say anything on how I chose to repair my broken heart that you broke.. But when you run back that is the day I will ask why after I have repaired myself!!!

One of my favorite Grey's Anatomy moments-I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke-Marvelous!