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... and an even stronger purple-white fluorescence under long wave UV light. Very nice, big, gemmy crystals. Top colors and good luster. Killer!

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Eugenia Loli

deep emerald. Looks like Zambian emerald with bluish hue. Not sure, though. …

Geode with pink crystals - how to hunt for geodes.

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Quartz Gem: Druzy Setting Cabochon for Ring Designing and Jewelry Crafting - 18mm (1987)

The entire universe in one quartz. Quartz Gem: Druzy Setting Cabochon

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Rose Quartz Geode Jewelry Supply - Druzy Stone Cabochon - Sparkling, Shimmering Crystal Center - Unique, DIY Jewelry Designs and Collectible

Quartz Geode

Rocks and Minerals, Tumbled Gemstones, Semi Precious Gemstone Pendants,TXT Stones, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Jasper, Agate, Geode, Citrine, Onyx, Shark Tooth Fossil, Arrowhead

Tourmaline - beautiful crystal creations -were put here for us to enjoy, so stop being afraid of those who try to push new age ideas - crystals DO have healing in them - I have proved it and you can also <3 More

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The Use and Power of Crystals

Art isn't just drawings and paintings. Art can be found in nature as natural beauty. Much like the person reading this. You are art, my friend, just like this gem.


Astrology Crystals, Embrace Your Inner Spirit and Free Your Soul

Night or day your #astrology crystals are here for you to bring you strength, surround you with tranquility, and keep you balanced in the slightly off-kilter planet we call home.

Moss agate - This is so cool! I see a little landscape scene with trees and some neat clouds.