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"Idiot!" I screamed. "I hate you!" I wanted to make myself believe that. That I truly hated you. If what my third grade teacher said had any truth, I'm the protagonist of my story. Which makes you the antagonist. That's what I wanted. For you to give me a reason to make you my antagonist. But I couldn't find one. No matter how hard I searched, you always gave me a reason to love you.

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Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul ---------------------------------------------------- outfit and suit idea possibilities inspiration (maybe for alternate forms)

Ajin - I don't feel like it ended. Especially since Kai's storyline just fell away. I *need* resolution!

"Si logramos volver al mundo real, te encontraré otra vez. Y me enamoraré de ti otra vez." Asuna a Kirito

Hey guys!!!! So I saw this pic and thought you might like it. Tokyo Ghoul I think this pic is from. I don't know thou. I need to know is it good? I love scary shows. Troooooloooolooo bananas sing if you read. Ask me anything Kay i am always here. Ask to be invited to my Board "Anime Talk and Fandoms" Make sure you are Following me. Notice Me Sempai!!!!!! *Lives alone as 30 cats* I need Friends!!!!!! *Tears*

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Shigatsu wa kimi no uso - Kousei and Kaori

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