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"The Bigfoot of Endor" by HoboRobo is only $10 at RIPTapparel

Star Wars humor. (FYI, I also want this on the top of my casket. I know that sounds weird, but I don't care!)

from BuzzFeed

21 Times People From Colorado Should've Known Better

Driving in a snow storm looks like lightspeed. True in New Jersey as well.

Mini-Hulk. "When angry I am, like me you will not." <--dude, eat a Snickers.

from BuzzFeed

25 Times The Internet Made "Star Wars" Hilarious

Star wars humor

from BuzzFeed

38 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Can't teach an old dog new Jedi mind tricks...

from Dummies of the Year

46 Funny Pictures for Today

Star Wars humor :)

from 9GAG

Bad Luck Obi-Wan

Poor Obi-Wan. If you'll remember, in episode II, he tells Anakin that he'll be the death of him(obi-wan). It happens.

I probably shouldn't find this as funny as I do.... but I do!

from BuzzFeed

17 Animals Saying Ha-Ay

Sometimes, I love being a social media marketer. You get to find little gems like this and get paid for it.