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The Men Feminists Left Behind

There are more ways to be a woman than ever before, but men haven’t gained nearly as much flexibility. This Op-Ed explores. (Illustration: Javier Jaén)

from Another angry woman

This is the bestest briefing on intersectionality ever- with added description

The logo combines three figurative representations — a microscopic view of a parasite, a genome map of a bacterium, and a rendering of a virus (...) Appearing in numerous forms and colours, the ever-changing logo relates to the nature of BIPR’s work.


Your Identity in Christ: Who are You?

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of us? We're going to spend the next 31 Days finding out exactly that. Be ready for a life changing experience!

from Danielle Zeigler

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.

~anais win. Anthropological truth: culture (learned, shared, patterns of thought and behavior) is what we see from our own ethnocentric viewpoint. More