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And then God created the clean and the snatch and  the world was  complete.

Butt Buster: Squat With Side Leg Lift. Adding a leg raise to this squat variation challenges your balance while toning your glutes. Working on one leg forces your core to work, and the side kick tones the saddlebag area.

i love this cool- 'age = Motivational Quotes ;)

My feet hurt from kicking so much booty. hard work out. The harder you work the more valuable it will be to you. Apply this to our family!

What's my secret? Oh, it's this awesome new diet pilled called get up and work your butt off, girl. (no need for all those infanities in my opinion)

What's my secret? OH, it's this awesome new diet pill called get the fuck up, and work your motherfucking ass off, bitch.

This is my issue. I need a new hobby lol

Learn the difference. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of ice cold water. If you're still hungry after that, then you may eat. But don't tell yourself you're hungry because of a small craving.

Love this

Owl, How many burpees does it take to make someone throw up? lol this is funny

I want it...gon get it!

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