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Furries :3 Furry Fandom

Furries :3 Furry Fandom

LOUD AND PROUD FURRIES!!! :3 the art in the furry fandom is AWESOME!! I wish I could draw like that but hey! All the artist are amazing!!!

This picture came from a story where a group of fursuiters visited a hospital and comforted sick children, mainly this one right here. This child had cancer and wasn't doing too well with it if I can recall correctly. This is why I love this fandom despite the issues and rumors surrounding it, because there are so many creative and overall good people, many of whom that do things like this.

"DID SOMEONE SAY 'FURRIES'!?!?" So I've come across the "Furry Fandom" and it seems pretty cool!

Hahaha! Furry humor! :3 lol

When one fur just isn't enough, you get three cuties to one spot.

Repost and comment your fursona!Lira or i might change her soon!!!