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Get that hair up off your neck and hold the bun with a beautiful blue and silver "Tidepool Treasures" flexi clip. Perfect summer hairstyle!

Perfect beach hair! A beautiful starfish in the colors of the sea on this flexi clip make the perfect accessory

Check out this bat flexi hair clip! Ready to hold your hair in spooky style. Perfect Halloween costume accessory! #sheglowsinlillarose

It's a's a's a ponytail....It's a hair style with a bit of everything just because I can- with a flexi clip!

Turquoise flexi clip holding her very long hair in a bun, turquoise hairband, turquoise shirt- this lady knows how to co-ordinate!

Delightful lady bug flexi hair clip holding a tails up bun style. Cute and fun!

Music lover flexi hair clip. Beautiful double french braids into a bun style. Love her hair color! It's like golden honey brown.