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Get that hair up off your neck and hold the bun with a beautiful blue and silver "Tidepool Treasures" flexi clip. Perfect summer hairstyle!

Gorgeous green and gold dragonfly flexi clip holds this fun tails up bun hairstyle. It's hard to believe a small clip will hold all that hair! But I know it does because that's my hair and my flexi clip :)

Turquoise flexi clip holding her very long hair in a bun, turquoise hairband, turquoise shirt- this lady knows how to co-ordinate!

It's a's a's a ponytail....It's a hair style with a bit of everything just because I can- with a flexi clip!

Music lover flexi hair clip. Beautiful double french braids into a bun style. Love her hair color! It's like golden honey brown.

Drop bun held with an emerald dream flexi clip. Tip: This hairstyle works so much better when you do it while your hair is damp.