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In life you meet many people, this is the story of how I came to meet my girlfriend

Beautifully done explanation of the Jewish observations of Yom Kippur.

Jenny Saville, Modern Art, Oxford

Jenny Saville drawing. Most of her paintings are large nudes, not idealized in any way.

Ian Murphy Very textured work using ink. Lots of smudging. He uses text to create texture which has some sort of meaning to the image.

Science Picture of the Day

This is a Science Picture of the Day activity or science warm up center. Students analyze real life photographs and infer the science in it. It is an excellent way to practice observation, noting key details, practice science vocabulary, and inference skills. A higher order thinking skill that's perfect for science warm ups and practicing writing all while meeting common core standards. $

More than anything Taurus needs a partner that's supportive and patient. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

FREE! This “Socratic Seminar Teacher Observations (Summary)” is designed as a guide to enable a teacher to quickly document individual student performance on key parameters and summarize whole class performance. Five behavioral objectives are clearly stated. The guide also includes an area for debriefing notes.