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Explore Observations And Life, My Girlfriend and more!

In life you meet many people, this is the story of how I came to meet my girlfriend

How to create excellent observational drawings - 11 tips

Drawing from observation! - A great blog by artist and teacher Julie Douglas

Observational drawing - Geometrical Still-life Start with building up the forms. Then shade following the pattern.

75 places so colorful it’s hard to believe they’re real [pics]

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia These 4,086 square miles in southwest Bolivia make up the world’s largest salt flat. The vast and incredibly flat plains and clear skies of Salar de Uyuni make it both one of the most famous “natural mirrors” on the planet, as well as an ideal altimeter calibration site for Earth observation satellites. 31 of 75 of the most colorful places in the world to go to.

Inside a Box - get students to bring a collection of objects in a box - and do a value study of the box and contents - IMPORTANT - have collection boxes on hand as is inevitable some students will forget to bring one to draw

The No. 1 Thing Holding You Back As A Leader

"It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with how you see them." -Elliot Erwitt >>> This is so true! I love this quote! #PinUpLive