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Crédit photo : Laila Ramona Pregizer & Uwe Schmida / Verschwundene Körper

Russian photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida teamed up with body art specialists Leonie Gené and Joerg Duesterwald to combine models, nature and lots of paint

Crocodile, you are good at camouflaging yourself ! / Crocodile, t'es doué pour te camoufler ! / By Muhammad Buchari.

Greenscape with two eyes wide open. Crocodile camouflage to hide from its prey.

Frog! "Excuse Me? What Frog?!" (Nature's Clever Camouflage!)

Frog what frog?Mother nature gave him a great camouflage suite to wear!

Shrimp on green crinoid (Laomenes cornutus)

Feather Stars (crinoids) and their look-alike camouflaged. Tiny little commensal crustaceans that live camouflaged and hidden among the feathery arms and striking colors of a crinoids' arms! Presumably, the crinoids provide some protection from predators.

Picture of a rhino viper camouflaged in a pile of leaves in Cameroon

he element of surprise gives this rhino viper in Cameroon an edge over prey. Quick-kill venom finishes the job. Vipers provide valuable toxins, including those used in drugs for hypertension and heart disease and to control bleeding during surgery.

Hidden Animals Blend In With Their Surroundings

Lichen-mimic katydid camouflaged on tree, Tettigoniidae family, Sabah, Borneo job well done! very hard to see.

Art Wolfe's Camouflage Animal Photos Capture Nature's 'Vanishing Act'

PHOTOS: Can You Spot The Camouflaged Animals?

Invisible animals - perfect camouflage - pictures of nature

Eastern screech owl

Photograph Eastern Screech Owls(Mom and baby) by Brandon Downing on

Owls in camouflage

Look closely, and you’ll see an Eastern screech owl hiding in plain sight! These owls are nocturnal and their amazing camouflage allows them to go largely unnoticed in the daytime.