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from Dream Garden 101

PVC gravity feed drip irrigation

PVC gravity feed drip irrigation - Watering chickens in the winter...this could work with a bigger bucket with de-icer in it, run pvc with chicken watering nipples wrapped in the pipe warming wire (can't remember what it is called). I think it would work.

Advanced Aliens Come From The Centre Of Our Galaxy - Say Leading Scientists - It appears that we are being drip fed information about life beyond planet earth

Did you know that 1" of rain puts about 600 gallons of water atop a 1,000 square foot house? That's a lot of rainwater to capture and a cistern can do the trick. Captured directly from a downspout, or rain chain, a cistern will have your garden water ready. These cisterns collect rainwater from a nearby roof and when the tanks are full water is dispersed through a gravity-fed drip system that irrigates crops.

Taurus very much enjoy hours learning from the thoughts of wise ones, but from drips under pressure, it is an annoying waste of time. . .

from Kool

Aid & Jello Popsicles

Kool Aid and Jello Popsicles Recipe - I like these without adding the extra sugar for a low-carb treat...they don't drip!