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عروض بيم مصر الخميس 24 مارس 2016 حتى نفاذ الكمية

Great Sphinx of Giza, Cairo | Egypt (by Pablo Pecora)

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Egypt (مصر)

#Egypt #Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images. Egypt | مصر

The Nile River~ Aswan, Egypt Loved it but would not go there right now! Glad we had the opportunity in 2009!

Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple El Deir ElBahary, #Luxor West Egypt

artandopinion: Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, Egypt 1838 David Roberts

The Temples at ABU SIMBEL, EGYPT Long before Ramses II, the site had been sacred to Hathor of Absek. The temple built by Ramses, however, was dedicated to the sun gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhte.

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The 100 Most Famous Landmarks Around The World

abu simbel temple | nubia, egypt

The White Desert, Farafra, Egypt