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Your Inner Being is living what you're going to receive and allow yourself to experience, so your Inner Being is already there. So if you were tuning to your Inner Being's frequency, who is already living what you want to live, can you feel the satisfaction that you would live right now?

Want to meet someone who has seen evil in human form and actually became stronger through the experience? Want to talk to someone who has wisdom beyond their years? Want to see what inner resiliency looks like in a person? Spend some time with a survivor of narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic abuse. They are some of the most sparkly gems I have ever known #narcissist #sociopath #psychopath #recovery #sparklygems

from My Modern Met

Interactive Light-Inspired Installation Shimmers with Every Step and Touch

So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me -

The Six Dimensions of Customer Experiences; factors that characterise those dimensions (inner circle) and the enablers for succeeding in those dimensions (outer circle).

Inner peace begins....Experience all that there is for you. BWE will help you heal on all levels. Precise frequency patterns are introduced, activating the brainwave you require for the experience you wish to explore. Visit Waverider @ and begin a new story. Be all that you were meant to be. #healing #brainwaves.

"Be the love you never received." - Rune Kazuli #madewithover