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We the people hold the power to take back our government. Too often we squander our vote at the polls by just choosing a party. Research, get to know to the candidates and the issues; make your vote count!


What would Benjamin say…

Our forefathers.. over 200 years of a country growing stronger.. and because of the constitution they wrote.. became a super power. VERSES 5 years..obo.. our country has declined to such a point that we have 1/3 of our nation on welfare, unemployed, illegal, or homeless and much more, not to mention the 17 trillion dollars in debt, country being over run with illegals and muslims all of whom hate America but want all her goodies for free. Humm who did the better job-BEN-WE NEED YOU AGAIN.


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Standing up for America

Really research your views - you would be surprised what you learn.

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Don't keep your attention on what people told you.. Sometimes there words sounds beautiful... But they are empty words... Just take care of how they act on you, with you and for you... Don't be blind... Take care.. Actions are a true langage.. It will help you to see who is ok or not...

Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out

"People inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisely." Join Casa Nuevo Vida Recovery Homes, Share & Inspire Others! #lifequotes #soberlivinghomeslosangeles #Recovery

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Quotables {Volume 2}

Wild flowers grow in many different places. But so do humans, our personalities, values and characters change and we wend up growing up different to what other people imagined.