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We the people hold the power to take back our government. Too often we squander our vote at the polls by just choosing a party. Research, get to know to the candidates and the issues; make your vote count!


What would Benjamin say…

Our forefathers.. over 200 years of a country growing stronger.. and because of the constitution they wrote.. became a super power. VERSES 5 years..obo.. our country has declined to such a point that we have 1/3 of our nation on welfare, unemployed, illegal, or homeless and much more, not to mention the 17 trillion dollars in debt, country being over run with illegals and muslims all of whom hate America but want all her goodies for free. Humm who did the better job-BEN-WE NEED YOU AGAIN.

Work for what you want, don't depend on other people to pay your bills, and stop having children if you can't afford them. If you have money to party, smoke, drink or go out then you don't need government assistance.

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Words don't make you a better person. Change your actions and maybe people will believe you by jasmine Pretending...A teen once told me, "To pretend is a lie; it's not the truth, so it's lie." It stand to reason that some action are lies! AK

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