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Top Sustainable Cities in the World

List of 32 Catchy Architecture Slogans

Top Sustainable Cities in the World

Green Ways to Improve Our Cities #urbanfarm #greencity #sustainable
from National Geographic Society (blogs)

10 Green Ways to Improve Our Cities

Green Ways to Improve Our Cities #urbanfarm #greencity #sustainable

10 Ways to Homestead on a Small Property - / Posted May 5, 2014

from ArchDaily

C.F. Møller's Proposal for the Örebro Timber Town Blurs the Line Between City and Nature

in Örebro, Sweden. Their design, the Örnsro Trästad - Swedish for “Timber Town” - focuses on the organic integration of new urban development with nature, spotlighting sustainability in both construction and urban planning.

How to be an apartment homesteader! Real tips for real people in small spaces.

Sustainable Communities - I want to be a planner! Would love to make a sustainable and beautiful community in Northern BC

floating-green-ecocities. sustainable megacities are the future.

Agueda, Portugal’s Umbrella Sky Project - via This City Life

Urban matters. Our world has been rapidly growing and expanding in population over time, and with that growth comes special challenges that can make sustainability difficult.