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Nixie tube clocks may have fallen out of use with the rise of LED displays, but definitely not for lack of aesthetics. Now that they’re making a comeback, American Innovative is looking for a group of hands-on Beta testers to purchase, build, and give feedback on their Nixie Clock kits. Options from fully assembled clocks down to just their printed circuit boards!

Holiday – "the world’s first connected, intelligent, beautiful and easy-to-use set of holiday lights, perfect for the Christmas tree, decorating the home, or everyday use." Looks similar to the Hue LightStrip. $200

"Navdy's transparent Head-Up Display (HUD) projects information as if it's floating six feet in front of you. In the car you already have." Preorder for $300. $500 later.

DUO is an intelligent HiFi Home Audio System with an embedded computer + analog vacuum tube preamp. $480

Wimoto's - app-enabled sensors to keep an eye on the climate in your home, get alerts on water leaks, or take better care of your plants. $40/each