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10 Things Successful Women Do Before Breakfast - PART I

It's sometimes difficult to distinguish voices from ego and spirit. This one helps you identify them! ~Ego versus Spirit! (pinned from )

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10 Things To Remember If You Want To Make Lasting, Positive Change

We live in a society that is constantly bombarding us with images, messages, subliminal ads, and merchandise to constantly pull us into the mindset of ‘you can be better’ and ‘you’re not good enough’.

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10 Ways to Slow Down and Love Your Life Again

10 ways to Slow Down and Love Your Life Again! power nap, move your body, soothing music, stop and breathe, good food tech free zone once a week]

Do not let the negative opinions of others destroy your inner peace. There are two kinds of people – those who are a drain on your energy and creative force, and those who give you energy and support your creativity, even with the simplest gesture, like a smile. Avoid the first kind. Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don’t like it, let them be. - read:

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14 Tips To Maintain Inner Peace At Work

A genuine feeling of peace is a difficult thing to come by, especially in our increasingly digital, fast-paced culture. And it doesn't help that many of us have elevated our jobs to be markers of our

As an expecting mom, you can do all of this research to figure out what to do to provide the best care for your children. However, it’s one thing to research and prepare, but it’s another thing to …